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Qiuanstudio on National Day in 2014 officially renamed Kideng technology, and on the opposite side of the Changsha County Lang Li Zhen Dong Sheng Lu water factory set up the entity shop, service projects on the basis of the original computer and accessories, computer maintenance, network construction and maintenance, website construction, increased security monitoring, access control, mobile phone repair, on the ......
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·Sensen wood JingTuo Village warehouse monitoring (2018-1-2)
·Zhuang Xian hotel network transformation, to pro (2017-11-6)
·Xingsha store of Yu best snack chain store opene (2017-10-5)
·Kideng technology to Yueyang County Gong Tian to (2017-11-23)
·The two peak of logistics warehouse and monitori (2017-9-26)
·Huang Xinghai Silver Palace decoration KTV upgra (2017-9-4)
·Excellent + education enrollment, monitoring pro (2017-8-30)
·Laura coffee in Langli street, new network monit (2017-8-26)
·Chenguang stationery store opened Vanke City of (2017-8-10)
·Changsha local fast-food chain stores opened, to (2017-7-12)
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